Friday, 30 September 2016

into the EYE of the TIGER

I surprised even myself. I have been creating customized PLAYLISTS in iTunes for my various listening habits: going from mild classical to loud rock (Van Halen'ish). While assembling these playlists, it was so worth it!! At the same time, I would add them to or CREATE personalised lists ::... like LOVELY music ....:: or this one entitled GOODIES: then just play RANDOM and sit back and listen. While you play your online game, chat with someone, posting or writing something .... I'm that certain that you'll enjoy it as much as I DO:…/idpl.b3dbc0bf3a064214ba3ac4c821b…

Hint:  I'm listening to "EYE of the TIGER" by "Survivor" if that isn't a refresh on the 80s eh?

Unstoppable from SIA

WOW a new favorite photo thx to Steven Krohn @stevekrohn for sharing ... Someone I really look up to both I imagine figuratively since I'm HUGE at 5 ft rounded up to the nearest 0 ... I watch what Steven does: a talent for connecting with people in a personalized ... WOW! Just thinking on iPhone keyboard (forcing myself to practice) ... Is there a social media Oscars? Let's get on it Steven,Philippe Trebaul Bis could be the major sponsor ::: ... Creating a campaign to host the first soME InAugural Awards ... Gut reaction Guy Kawasaki becomes a candidate for the "Furthering the adoption of ... Giving credible image and branding

Alrighty then, quoting Jim Carey, I'll get right on that.  Anything and everything start with an idea.  Let's see where I go with it.

Monday, 26 September 2016

First impressions BIAS

a REFLECTIVE reflection

The following blog was originally written and posted on my "A Commentary" blog (without the lead in image above, I added that now).  

I was reviewing what I had written and realized it is something that I usually cover in MEANDERINGSabout blog. 

Then I got to thinking, not unusual for me after the sun goes down, it is more reflective than reactive .... there are areas pertinent to The optioneerJM blog here.  

So, I decided to do it more like a social media experiment.  Is there any benefit to cross-linking internally.  Meaning, three blogs under the same umbrella with Google:  could they help increase the reaction or traction to the original blog, or is the reaction (meaning clicks) coming from mostly those who subscribe independently.  
Google's analytics for Blogs is superior to most.  As a blogger with Word Press I did forewarn that I was going to start comparing the values each bring.  

There is a lot of power behind Google, which settles my suspicion it would help when I launched this, my first blog, optioneerJM.  They toss scraps over my way when people are "googling" a topic within the topic of sales ... kinda like they have links or results swayed to the strong player and then the miscellaneous or "everything else" comes my way.  I'm not complaining, I'm sharing my findings as I go along.

The one thing that I can say that Word Press seems to have stronger than Google's blogspot and that is the blog community itself.  Word Press authors seek out to read and support others when they like the content.  Synopsis:  Word Press has a stronger community of Bloggers than Google.  However, Google's engines do try to chug away and make up the difference, they just haven't figured out a way to slip into the middle of those results ... searches within a platform like Word Press.  

I think that open source development is the way to go.  Why?  It is simple.  There was a really really BIG EXAMPLE on a business failure because of not having open sourcing:  think HP's Tablet.  They were ahead of the curve on the product development, but it came down to one corporate decision that wrote the failure on the wall:  deciding to keep the code private.

The race that ensued shortly around that time was Apple's heady emergence on the scene.  I continuously marvel how Steve Jobs could pick up pieces that were missing or underutilized and maximize that very thing and it appears that Apple was innovative and HP was risk averse.  The difference between being bold and being sold out.  

Sold out can mean that HP started to let its shareholders run their business.  I'm going to write more about that on a dedicated blog.  I've reflected, reviewed, and revisited with former colleagues at HP, and have started to develop some opinion.  It's an intriguing story really.  How could one of Collins "Good to Great" companies self-destruct so pitifully.  The straight answer:  they began to lose sight of its original vision and culture: "about solving problems by really smart people who cared about each other." ~Jeannette Marshall (quote)

Here you go loyal followers and subscribers .....

I tend to go on about stats and such on my optioneerJM blog since that is where the conversation about social media or soME seems to have some traction.  I really started out there writing about sales primarily, then shifted to include leadership and business with social media dialogue emerging frequently.

That's a tough position to be in because your golden followers, the ones who began the journey with you deserve and have earned your return loyalty and acknowledgement.  

The strange part of me is I constantly seek feedback online from trusted advisors, and I can take it.  However, if it is someone looking at me, with eye contact and giving me feedback, if it isn't filtered with empathy and professionalism, I can feel attacked.

Writing to the loyal followers is paramount to a business or a blog.  That's a mutual reward for sticking around together.  And as the object of that feedback, you take it more positively because they've grown to know you over a few years at least.  They aren't adding their own ingredients of bias into the equation.  People feel threatened if they recognize an element of your personality that they internally, personally feel that you lack.  That can make things get rubbed the wrong way.

To be told by a senior manager, that "people feel threatened by you" is something a person has to grapple with and grasp.  I don't think any one individual person consciously thinks they're a bad person.  The bad aren't even in your sphere because they know they're bad and proud of it.

Let's take how a woman dresses.  It shouldn't be a key factor in this day and age but it is.  You can be both the victim and the judge at the same time.  I am a clothes horse, even call myself a "fashionista" with the more humbling affiliation that I'm "fighting my 50s" so as to remove ego when is not there.

No dress code does not mean you look like you will
 jump into bed when you get home

How a person dresses, in my opinion, reflects to the world a statement:  "this is how I feel about myself".  You can relate even better when you think about when you are sick with a cold, a nose so raw and red from blowing it.  You feel lousy and look it.  You underscore how you are feeling with a ballgown?  Hardly, more likely the biggest, loosest flannel PJ bottoms, fluffiest slippers or lumberjack grey socks and a rebel Tshirt you wouldn't be caught grocery shopping in!  That's my point.  I agree that Hollywood and movies often portray the really efficient, bitchy boss dressed in a suit with not a hair out of place, so polished and poised.

I don't intimidate people by how I act, it is their preconceived notions before I've even opened my mouth.  Which can be annoyingly long-winded.  You won't walk away without replaying it or thinking about it again.

  This works well on the sprite that she is
 yet it would look dreadful on me:  5 ft and 55

My talkative, gregarious nature doesn't tee up with a suit.  It should be more Bohemian in style and mannerism shouldn't I?

My point today being that we should not evaluate and file anyone away or into a category based on a 5 second visual.  You are short changing yourself from what could be a great adventure, exchange of wits, a few laughs.  That is one of the main attractions of social media:  your voice is translated via keys communicating in such a way and in an acceptable manner that you listen to the person, you observe the message.  In its nakedness, you make your judgement, evaluation, and determination to join that person's ranks.  A photo or visual is after the fact.  What is appealing is that communications style that others gravitate towards while others with bias refuse to get to know them because of that first 5 seconds.  With social media, it may only be 1 or 2 seconds, but the benefits are far reaching, the risk obsolete, the ability to control (block, unfollow, ignore) your environment online is much more peaceful than anywhere else.


My kinda fashion for "Business Casual" or "Casual Friday" Looks.  Really comfortable with the jacket off, yet the jacket is there to ward off the chills OR attend that last minute meeting scheduled.

Although this was sourced as a PLUS fashion, the lines and curves packaged professionally is bang on with this look!  It compliments a figure with or without curves.  In either case, it is not bashful or hides the fact that you are a woman.  In fact, where it to the next All Boys meeting you attend to visually communicate that yes, you are a woman, and your ideas will add value.
Classic look, nice cut lines, tailored look.
A great look for a job interview or a performance review

If you want to add volume where others have curves
this would be a great look for someone slim or tall
I wouldn't recommend this if you're curvy
 or plus size as it will add weight where you don't want it.
 The shoes say "I'm going clubbing at lunchtime"
 while the suit conveys professionalism
 They are in conflict with each other.

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for keeping your attention
and you reading to the end

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Publishing is a real PURPOSE

Spot check

You hit your fifties and go POOF ~ accomplishments fail or pass?  As detailed as the most mathematical mind or mental energist (which I describe myself).

OR, you are at a more refined, experienced age (if you want to put a different spin on it), knowing what you like, what you are open to considering, but you have hit the peak or climax of your bullshitter meter:  you are maxed out.  There is little you haven't heard of or at least don't gasp in horror if you haven't, in fact, heard of it.

YOU know what you like or don't like, with the balance of the scale in age: isn't that unimaginable almost.  It was to me until I drew it all out (on my handy dandy PAINT app by #MicroSoft) how in life you start in one spectrum, gravitating towards the polar opposite in so many ways.

LISTEN to some music from your iTUNES library that is mild and mellow.  Then, let's have a conversation ~ OK?  You want to know first what I'm listening to?  OK:  My iTUNES playlist I call "LOVELY MUSIC".  A smattering of music across multiple generations, global audience, and just plain lovely to listen to.  Nothing too deep that it will put you to sleep:  talk about COMPETITION!  That's my job!  (huh? what?  ok think about it:  it is my job right now to put you to sleep).  Hahaha.  Thanks for getting into the spirit of the moment with me:

I came up with a .ppt (Powerpoint Presentation) that talks a lot about moi, and me some more.  Kinda what I'm all about, background, visual curation and presentation.  I do want to work on it more and experiment with taking it from PowerPoint to video with music, no voiceover, for now at any rate:  WALK before you run.

Under the context of wanting to communicate my unique style, I replaced the typical rigid format of a business powerpoint slide presentation.  I also uploaded it to SLIDESHARE, and tremendous VALUE added service to #LINKED IN +LinkedIn .

If YOU are one of THOSE disagreeable sorts that have an opinion or judgement before you've even tried something, this isn't going to work for you.  Truth be told, you are the arch angel to my divine purpose.

I don't tend to
jell with people who have a rigid vibe.  It seems to be the other person's issue more than mine, unless they're being rude then they'll feel my firmness in manner (because manners are important to me).

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The FUEL and the NORM

The Optioneer JM on blogspot is fueled by Google, recently announced as the LARGEST and MOST POWERFUL corporation in the world:  jumping ahead of APPLE.  In the mad dash for content, what are they really seeking?  I'm going to say, like any major technical organization or corporation, they are driving to capture data.  Data is the new currency, in the next emblem of intelligence in the world, what is going on, containing information that provides statistics and personal persuasion (a hard word to spell!):   how much are you REALLY worth? 

#bestQUOTE #bestofeverything

We've been trained to think our net worth is the physical material possessions from coin collections to wealth in terms of money times two as net worth.  In reality, today's top currency will be and is gradually being commanded by those who possess intellectual communicative persuasive international language that is pushed out into the world as content.   The most prolific are ideas that catch on become referred to as VIRAL.

Catches FIRE
An idea, a story, a real life event, takes the world by storm.  Not always ignited by the traditional medias of the world (like television, radio, printed newspapers and magazines), what catches fire on social media can now reverse itself and become THE source for where traditional MEDIA gather their information, not by older means like in meetings, telephone calls, webcam or SKYPE or FACETIME exchanges.  

content is KING
How else is any content going to be recognized by?  Well, newspapers have had to stay honest by how many newspapers they sold.  Magazines to a much lesser degree.  Now the gauge or thermometer monitoring honesty really is the PEOPLE.

PEOPLE command
what is important, what has them gasping over, drooling on?  That is the beat of the pulse of where the true power emerges:  the INFORMATION.

knowledge is POWER
where those people who can gather and retain important information to share to the world really could be considered DIRECTORS of content.

what people may be looking for although they may not be making a direct click, they are vaguely circling around a topic.  The beat of the drums at first soft, as more join in it becomes more louder.  Directors have a keen gift to sense what the beat may be long before the faint drums barely register.

CREATIVE content
shared -- for what would be known that people care about if they did not share?  The content can vary:  

  • real people (not celebrities) doing incredible things, 
  • something that makes them gasp but not from a gruesome image, they're too tasteful for that.  
  • the peaceful and wholesome manner in which they share, sometimes instinctively, barely registering on their consciousness.
Queens with Kings
are the same and not one before the other yet distinct based on gender, whomever they identify with as their gender, whether God given or reconstructed physically or mentally.  Creating a universe of common language.

is what makes content directors so powerful.  So much time and yet so little time if my idea is true.

IDEAL currency
where the ones who reign with power, not paid for nor ego driven (just used for emphasis), but possessing the gift of sharing and caring about the world around them, both far and near.

language BARRIERS
are gone with auto translation ideas that I think was a first with GOOGLE.  That behavioural science behind the technology that they must be engaging.  To have made translation done with ease merely by the click of a button.

not money.  He or SHE who has the rare gift instinctively know what to click.  Not only that, they SHARE, sometimes comment if overwhelmingly compelled to do.

universal SHARE
possible firstly because of the INTERNET and secondly, and yet more recognized the social media engines like TWITTER and FACEBOOK a distant byproduct that started out smaller than a SEED then grew in exponential proportions. Like KLEENIX owns tissue paper and XEROX became a verb, yet not one over the other as other greats before them.  Twitter and Facebook race to the top continuously in following, users, activities to try to catch up with GOOGLE, becoming a new noun to our phychy called "Social Media".  

a BRAVE new world
unfolds.  Who is bold to take a stand on something great, more often than squawk and rant or boost themselves?  The true greats can raise their voices to the universe, space and beyond.  Their messaging is what allows them to float far above the noise.

who can write in a way that appeals to the masses.  Not arrogant or snobby, but more among the most.  A sense of what is right in the world is a hard feat to accomplish against the temptation of being taken over by EGO.

forebearers who knock us down to feelings of unworthiness.  Their knack for climbing above by stepping on or using people to their own gain.

growing WISDOM
is unfurling with the wind or a gentle breeze.  People are free to gaze upon what they want.  Freedom from employers or controllers, their own imagination is released, and like a strong magnet, what bounces back is the wisdom to be able to recognize right from wrong.

WRONG messages
become dulled because most people don't want to escape from RL (real life) only to do what others expect or demand them to do.

obligations RELEASE
themselves from the population en masse, globally have that thing in common, regardless of where they live, their color, their financial wealth or power.  Those that can release themselves from the trappings of the world, are the most happiest and free.

FREEdom from guilt
because the conscious subconscious ignores any demoralizing past time while they log on a computer.  Where people of all generations, ages or beliefs are released into the big bad or good world, on their own, directed by their own hands.

gravity PULLS
the talented of most to things that would INSPIRE, solve, PIECE, together as speakers of the house.

politics ASIDE
the strongest and loudest voices lift each other up.  They do not pull anyone else down, unless themselves as they are humbled by what great things only a few can accomplish on their own.  With great determination, focus, passion, they are driven.

VOICE of the few
that resound with the many, the majority.  When unleashed and attraction magnetically attaching to so many.  Who will reSHARE like TWEET which reigns as the singular voice for how the world perceives what is really going on.

but the voices from the peaceful, mindful, gracious, loving, charismatic are heard.

CLICK weight
becomes the new currency of the WORLD.  Where finally, payment finally filters to where it is due:  to the influencers who make things happen in a positive, inspiring, uplifting way.

raising the WORLD
to a better place and better rules that work for all humanity and being or objects.  

DROWNING out the bad
defined by many as porn, violence, bullying, killing, destroying, stomping on, hurting the unprepared.  The unprepared are not separated by any class, or social standing, or intelligence, color, race, culture or religion.  The voice of one.

ONE planet
poised to stand up and stand out for peace, unity, no poverty, no illness, no mental health issues, no racism, not one man or woman more valued or important as the next.

expound VIRTUES
described within and watch how the rest realize and recognize the real VALUE you bring.  Your vision, what impacts you positively but you don't stop with that, you share it.

WEALTH by clicks
will be determined by who's content is valued more but the simple currency of clicks.

will be stretched to solve how to measure this new phenomenon?  All this time we thought it was data huh?

DATA is the capsulation
of information.  But the true POWER comes from those with the ability to encourage CLICKS.  After all, what was traditionally determined by monies paid to advertising agencies, publications, online banners and sponsored stuff, amount to a numerical number that can simply be derived from counting clicks.

COUNTERS supreme
will be the ones, as in singular person, either woman or man.  They will figure out an age old puzzle of adding things up, to a new age MUST to count billions and divide by millions in seconds.

of data, the clicks are counted upwards to a triangulate where it all started.  To assign the number to the right triangle, recognize the creator of the original click circle upwards.

upward CIRCLES
become more and more defined as the user narrows where he or she accumulates her or his information from, otherwise know as data sources.

DATA sources
are another step in the climb to the top.  Who do the biggest influencers reference for information?  Then, the waterfall of clicks based on who it originates from.

distribution CHANNELS
like never before, not even the channels flickering from the tube.  Not even YOU TUBE being the current largest entity.  Who owns You Tube now?  Google.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Strange?

YOU decide.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Upper and lower case battles

Dear Sir or Madam:

I'm going to give you a verbal resume for your consideration as the opportunity post it online presence itself.  (Whew no red over presents but i caught it because I read things over three or four times before i hit PUBLISH anywhere, yet it snuck past Google's blogspot spell checker.   I don't think Chrome can enter through the website internal workings of Blogspot, both wonder childs of Google, the machine that keeps on chugging, and now steaming ahead in the war on Data.  Now, I'm certainly no engineer or computer designer or architect (hey, maybe I've been around one or two or more of the types ... eh?  

I keep watching the competition going on.  And, my friends, it isn't a war on drugs, political arena, money or power.  Well, perhaps it is an arm wrestle over POWER.  It all comes down to this word called "data".  No caps, a noun and strongly overtaking as a verb for what is really driving the world:  it's data.  The problem of ISIS compounded by a hundred.  Because the one thing I learned in the digital equipment business, with HP, XEROX and IKON (now swallowed up by RICOH).  

Think about the biggest most powerful companies who have survived at least 50 years in business, never afraid of evolving their identity to appear as a leader in its field.  They have all CAPS logos and identity!  They share that common denominator.  When did Apple become APPLE?  They snuck it in on us, could be a conspiracy theory?  

The sublimity of becoming an all caps logo from all lower case to one capital letter?  I wonder if anyone has figured this out?  Interesting possibilities and endless learning opportunities unfold.   Thinking of Mashable comes first into my head.  They're at the capital or uppercase M with the rest lowercase. (Thank you to Google for waking up after being asleep at the wheel on the spell checker side, I didn't know that uppercase and lowercase were singular words, I had typed at two separate words.

Imaginary soul
My imagination and creativity is my gift to the world.  I may not be the most eloquent writer or unpublished as an author.  How else could I adopt and self-title myself from optioneerJM to ThePublisher ? Yes there are MEANDERINGSabout and The INbetweeners blogs indeed in between.  Gosh, I'd typed INbetweeners so much I thought they were indeed one word.  Wrong, and wisely pointed out by Google.

Google has the ability to control the data that so many are grasping at getting so desperately.  The fight over data began when I was at HP.  We were building and decommissioning servers (wiping them completely clean) all from scratch all because DATA my friends was playing havoc with INFORMATION.  

Data is the is virtually in the cloud.  It is starting to be the battle on who not only can grab and house the data (have you used the Apple Cloud?  Geese, they have the in front of their name too, maybe I AM an imposter!  Thinking I'm as good or clouds away from information.

Battle Ground
You could consider the faceoff or the ball toss, is between Google and Apple.  They've been cleverly gathering data about us for a very long time.  Where Google may have had the head start, Yahoo and AOL were light years ahead.  {What happened to those two pioneers?  As such happens too far frequently, where the real pioneers of a technology or a solution to a problem (because they're not always at the hands on a keyboard)}

I have had the opportunity and through training which drove my ability to launch assistance on a new business, leave behind cool ideas (mostly templates) wherever I've been.  That is one of the things I can almost guarantee.  My name remembered as a different last name, long before I shed it and the husband that went along with it.  I've been fortunate to hone my abilities with the right type of leadership support that brought out the best in me.  Sprinkle in some of the worst, easily defined as horror stories of bosses and companies I've worked for.  Yes, a few gave me a shot of developing leadership skills, when I was truly blossoming in the right role, building my team from the ground up.  Developing and sharpening an ever evolving plan.  That's kinda like me.  

As they say, distinguished Area Governor, award winning President,taking a club at the bottom with struggling attendance and engagement.  The Area Governor while I was president went on to be the District Governor, or was that a VP before the District Governor.  The District Governor is like the Mayor, Premier, Prime Minister, The President (there's that capital "The" I copied here.  OOPsie, LOL.

That is why I write
The difference between the gifted and truly great orators cannot amount to anything without the write words.  That is what I found by discovery.  I guess in a nutshell I don't settle for the status quo.  There are an infinite number of people, companies, processes, operations, people, characteristics, profiles, principles, philosophy, culture, impediments to trying to accomplish just about anything.

The resources
Of a given company, the resources are the thing.  They make or break a company, organization or country.  Really regardless of global location, culture, religions, they share the same obstacles.  There is this really important balance between three separate things:

* people power
* equipment and technology
* intelligence and innovation above all.

If you don't have the resources in place or minimum keeping pace with your growth, you will fail miserably.  Think about all the GREATEST of pioneers who fade into the background, a forgotten innovator.  It has to be the guy who invented SKYPE.  Without skype, people really were unable to communicate in any other way than on the phone OR a webcam but not both.  

Without SKYPE, there would be no FACETIME (Apple eh?) no SNAP CHAT, Periscope or YouTube for heaven's sake.  I may have gone off the deepend a bit here.  I guess you just found out the second most unique thing about me didn't you?  I don't like others stealing credit when it is due someone else.  

The Folklores
When is the last time we had folklores?  I know that a lot of indigenous peoples who pass down stories for generations and then the ones more unbelievable thus called folklores.  With the little brothers and sisters called rumours who don't even have hardly a blip on our radars or importance meter until they implode with cast offs from Yahoo, not realizing it was capitalizing on the lead from AOL that allowed people to type a conversation in real time.  Now we call them texts and they are as well taken for granted on all the smartphones out there along with the telecommunications world, which is another big power struggle of our time ::: which ironically gather the most revenue from being that word again:  DATA.  Well, we do have folklores. In our generation they're called MicroSoft, Apple, GE, HP, Xerox, IBM, Disney.

It all begins with a story
Every folklore has a story.  
For me, as a career I've had the knack to help launch businesses, come up with some creative ideas that solved big problems (which was rewarded because it was in a sales capacity where money talked, results won.)  If I was truthful, I would not expound upon the glories of sales glory at the highest level.  What nobody tells you in sales school, university, or college, that to be truly great in sales, you have to toughen your skin to a shell of steel because the higher you climb the more people think they want to step on you.  Or, kick you from the sidelines.

Once, I was doing some really great things, people become nervous.  I don't think they are nervous because they may be cool ideas, but they could see that I could execute on those ideas.

An Army
Some companies think they should run it like the army.  No, I've never been in the Army, but my father was highly regarded in the Canadian Armed Forces Air Force Command Center in Winnipeg.  It may have moved for all I know, but through osmosis I could see how it ran its operation.  They'd blip at me when I heard "insubordination" or "leadership command"  or "full disclosure, tattle taler society".

The Hierarchy
Some companies have tried to soften the army approach because when business is booming, which usually means economies are booming.  That, usually equates to oodles of opportunity for more sales which trickle down to net profits, executive reasonal salaries with outrageous bonuses.  Some of us do pretty well and even can thrive in a Hierarchal society, it's best to blend in and fade into the background in this climate.  Because the leaders of the top of the chain do not like to be threatened.   Not in a hierarchical society.  There still are a lot of yes sir and no ma'am in this society without the salute (unless it's the third finger salute behind the back of the hierarchical ~ geez, is this a hard word to spell or what??!!) There are clear distinctions between the haves and the have nots in this world.  There are the people that make all the money (around 10%) and then there are those that do all the work to allow the top to keep making more money (90%).  I've worked in this world the most.  It's a comfortable place to be.  It isn't necessarily THE best place to be if you like to be a creative thinker.  Can you imagine the business cases, best practices, powerpoint presentations there are in a Hierarchy company?  Well, the area you can really be creative is within the confines of those arenas:

* Business Cases
* Best Practices
* Powerpoint Presentations

If you're good at any three of those things and become outstanding, you will knock the socks off anyone who merely glimpses at your showmanship, intelligence, innovation and wanting to solve a problem.

The Narrow Path
Imagine being in the confines of processes, procedures, protocol, pretty power points, and I didn't even expound the virtues of being an excel spreadsheet whiz.  You, young man or young lady, will be going places.  Vroom vroom.  I've never been a rule breaker.  Not that I can think of too readily.  Maybe someone else can remember and enlighten me?  In any case, I will admit to being a rule:

* Pusher
* Enveloper
* Evasive
* Determined
* Focussed
* Driven
* Chaser
* Dreamer

of ways to do new things in new ways.  Hardly, a spot for someone like that in a Hierarchical surroundings.  It could be almost like a tadpole or goldfish swimming in the ocean surrounded by sharks.  Very teritorial these barracudas and bastards are.  (First official swear word in print, ha! Power of NOW!)

Idea Makers
Become stakeholders to their ideas.  They are driven farther and higher than the former two worlds.  Out of this pool of unique creative, techno visionaries come a lot of really great things.  Innovations we try to associate with The Jetsons.  Flying machines, just frequency in space doesn't match yet.  The only unfortunate part of this society is that egos reign supreme.  I know, you thought that attribute would live more comfortably in the Hierarchical domain.  But no, this world revolves usually one very powerful person.  I know, we usually identify with that more as a leader or dictator of a country.  Well, they live in the Idea Makers world.  They me and I one hundred times than we or third place you.  Then again, that only deviates when there is assigning blame.  

Now many of us have lived in one form of dysfunction or another.  You are delusional or a liar if you deny this.   Some demonstrate it more privately and at home, or when they're out, or at work.    Most, if not all, have had to deal hands on or hands off with dysfunction.  There are a lot of companies that are dysfunctional while sharing the common ground of The Army or by Hierarchy.   For that reason, can emerge a Dysfunctional work culture.  Or, the lack of balance between life and the way you have a roof over your head.

A few things to ponder.  If they make you think, absolutely great.  Thank you.

Images for this were taken from my "FACEUS" Board on Pinterest.  My favorite board.  There is so much intrigue captured from an expression. 

 Black and white images can exude a mood that is unique from color.  Sometimes I use a themed collection of images, instead of images or quotes related to the writings, in my blog.